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Working with you ...

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Oasis Business Support


All typing is fully proof-read on screen against your original copy
then a final draft printed and the whole is proofed again

Handwritten notes


Audio transcription

Telephone dictation

Wording on your behalf

Desk Top Publishing

Oasis Business Support can collect your work, free of charge, within eight miles of Lutterworth (further afield by arrangement).  Finished copy e-mailed back or printed on your letterhead and delivered to your office.

Tapes typed up and either e-mailed back to you or printed and delivered, as above.

Download your dictation and e-mail to us.  Work e-mailed back the same day.  For overseas companies e-mail your work at the end of your working day and it will be in your inbox - typed, proofread and presentable - when you arrive at work the following morning.

For spur-of-the-moment dictation or batches of correspondence give me a quick call and I can type as you speak (I type at 90wpm+).  Alternatively I can take your letters in shorthand.  Working in this way your work can be returned to your inbox in just a few minutes.

At Oasis Business Support we can write letters, or whatever, on your behalf as long as we have the gist of what you need to say.  No need to spend time puzzling over your correspondence!

Leaflets, menus, invitations, you name it ...

"Working WITH you when you need us,
                 not for you when you don't"