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Working with you ...

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Aren't you just another secretarial service?
No.  A secretarial service tends to specialise in typing and bookkeeping, perhaps with some diary management.  Oasis Business Support is pro-active - I run my business in support of yours.  You have the ideas to drive your business forward, I can discuss them and help you implement them.  Once I know what makes your business 'tick' I can take on as much, or as little, of the day-to-day running as you wish.  Of course, I also offer all the typing, audio transcription and secretarial services you would expect.
Couldn't I simply employ Agency staff to cover holidays and sickness?
Using Oasis Business Support on a regular basis keeps continuity in your business.  And, of course, you are not liable for Agency fees.  Neither are you liable for providing holiday and sickness pay to Agency staff, which recently became a legal requirement. Finally, I do not expect to be provided with work for set hours, you simply pay for the hours you need.  And don't forget - staff need space, equipment, coffee breaks .....
So how does a local company benefit from working with you?
I am near enough to proxy for you at meetings or networking events, help with shows or seminars, collect and return to you all day-to-day correspondence and accounts.  If you are away from your office I can pop in to pick up mail, phone messages, e-mails, etc.  And of course both your company and mine deal with other businesses locally so between us we have a great source of contacts. There are some excellent Virtual Assistant services 'out there' but working with a local company provides a more complete service.
Do you offer a sales service?
No, absolutely not!   However, I will always support and promote businesses I work with.  Once I have a good understanding of your business I am more than happy to discuss your products or services with potential clients.   
"Working with you when you need us,
                                   not for you when you don't ...."