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Working with you ...

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Would it help if you had a professional business partner in an active supporting role in your company?  Using my office as your office, Oasis Business Support offer a cost effective way for you to employ a personal assistant with none of the financial or legal obligations.

There must be a hundred ways in which a 'right hand man' (or woman!) could help you run your business.  Below are just a few ideas. You will probably have other suggestions.  Give me a ring or send me an e-mail to discuss whether I am able to reduce your workload as and when you need it.


Day to day workload

Event planning

Short notice sickness
  or holiday cover

Small business
holiday cover
Arranged, attended if required - with you or on your behalf.  I can proxy for you at networking events or - once I understand your business - meet with clients, suppliers or officials.

Oasis Business Support can run your office from our office, either regularly or just during your busy times.  I can plan your diary, make travel plans, generally keep things in order.
Remember - when I know you are supposed to be somewhere I may do a little reminding along the way!

Liaison with everyone from exhibition organisers to stand fitters and printers.

For local companies, time constraints permitting, I can work with you in your office should you lose a key member of staff for a short period.  Alternatively, if your secretary finds her workload increasing due to absence, I can take the mundane secretarial or typing work from her.

Whilst you are on holiday Oasis Business Support can offer any level of care to keep your business ticking over.  I am able to handle mail, e-mails, phone calls, faxes - all giving the impression that your business is still in operation.  Callers will be dealing with a real person who understands your business, not talking to your answerphone.

"Working with you when you need us,
not for you when you don't ...."