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Office Support

More 'back office' than PA but covering the routine office work which keeps your business ticking over.

You will have your own ideas about the type of support which could best help support and promote yours.  However, I have listed a few ideas below.  Give me a call or send me an e-mail for a quick chat about your business' requirements.

Audio Transcription


Clients and suppliers


Multiple branches
Audio transcription of Dictaphone tapes or files.  Your secretary can e-mail files to me in haste and I will transcribe and return them to her in Microsoft Word, ready for her to deal with.

For local businesses both incoming and, by pre-arrangement, outgoing mail can be handled should the business be closed.  For local and national businesses e-mails can be filtered and, if necessary, dealt with.  A database can be kept in my office to generate mailshots, Christmas cards, etc.

Oasis Business Support can place orders, chase deliveries, send out returns and generally be a point of contact at short notice when you are busy.

My office does not run on a nine-to-five basis so if you have a deadline to meet I will be happy to help.

More than one office?  One job being done by different people in each branch?  Would it help if it were centralised?  Oasis Business Support can offer blanket, co-ordinated support.

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